About the Volunteer Job Position

1. Volunteer Job Title/Position* - Give your volunteers a title they can be proud of!

2. Number of Volunteers Needed* - How many volunteers do you need for this position?

3. Work Location* -Where will the duties of this volunteer position be completed? Do you have a physical location? Can they work from home?

4. Date(s) and Time(s)* - If this is a one-time job, please let volunteers know the date(s) as well as start and end times. If this is a reoccurring volunteer position, please indicate how many hours per shift/month. If this is a board position, please indicate how frequently you meet, the length of meetings, the monthly commitment, and the terms of the board position. Please fill in as many time and date details as possible.

5. Purpose of the Position* - Tell the volunteers of Lac du Bonnet why filling this position is so important to your organization. Let them know what their generous donation of time will help you accomplish!

6. Responsibilities and Duties of the Position* - Just like a job description, let our volunteers know what they will be required to do in as much detail as possible.

7. Qualifications, Skills, and Age Requirements* - Let volunteers know about any special qualifications they may need for this position, just like you would if you were hiring to fill this position. Let people know what skills they need to complete the job. You can also note here if this position is suitable for all ages or if the position requires volunteers that are over 18.

8. Special Requirements and Things Your Volunteers Should Bring with Them* - Does this volunteer position require volunteers to stand for long periods of time, or do a lot of heavy lifting? Perhaps they need access to a vehicle or a driver's license. Perhaps there are some things of note that Volunteers should bring with them (lawn tools, cleaning supplies, sunscreen, comfy shoes). Here's your chance to highlight some additional details about the volunteer job. Note, if there is nothing more to say, just put N/A in this text field.

9. Training and Tools Provided* - Let volunteers know when and where you will provide training for this position and what that training may include. You can also let them know about any tools you'll be providing to help them get the job done. Volunteers feel more comfortable knowing that you'll be there to support them!

About the Organization

10. Organization Name* - What is the name of your group, club, non-profit, committee?

11. About the Organization* - Let's tell potential volunteers a bit about your organization. A brief About Us statement or your Mission/Mandate Statement would work well here. 

12. Volunteer Coordinator Name* - Who should volunteers get in touch with? 

13. Volunteer Coordinator Email* - Where should volunteers email you? 

14. Volunteer Coordinator Phone Number* - Where can volunteers call you? 

15. Organization Website - If you have a website, we'll share it on your listing and help you get more visitors to your site!

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18. Additional Comments - Is there anything else you think your volunteers should know about this volunteer opportunity? Perhaps you have a comment for the LDB Volunteer Registry Program volunteers. Leave your comments here and we'll get them to where they need to be!